Interactive Learning Program

New Day Schools have been around for over 35 years, providing that essential early start for children. We have caring and experienced staff carrying out our program for children's development.

New Day Schools

Teaching Approach

Our program focuses on:

  • Social, intellectual, physical & emotional development

  • Individual Child's Growth

  • A center-oriented learning environment for active participation

  • Opportunities to explore & initiate self-learning

  • Providing & encouraging the freedom to make decisions

Our Mission

New Day School Mission Statement

New Day School’s mission is to provide a fun, exciting and stimulating environment for our children; one in which through a total hands-on approach they can explore the wonder and experience the joy of learning for themselves.

New Day School Philosophy

New Day School’s program aims to develop and enhance the child’s overall growth including their social, intellectual, physical and emotional development. We believe in the uniqueness of each child and that children go through the same developmental stages, but the timing and method of their growth varies. Keeping this in mind, we have structured a center-oriented learning environment in which children actively participate. They have the opportunity to explore, initiate their own learning, make choices and decisions, and enhance their creativity and imagination in numerous ways.

Children learn by doing and experiencing the selected educational materials. “I act therefore I am”. (Piaget) The teacher is a facilitator, a guide and an active observer constantly circulating and offering positive encouragement throughout the classrooms.

New Day Schools